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Making the Right Choice: Washing vs. Dry Cleaning Your Garments

March 20, 2024

Making The Right Choice Washing Vs. Dry Cleaning Your Garments

Without a doubt, you must have been in a dilemma choosing between washing or dry cleaning a garment before. While it may seem like an easy pick between the two options, an inappropriate cleaning method can cause serious damage to some of your fabrics. This insider article will nudge you in the right direction by laying bare the fundamental differences between the two.

Dry Clean vs Normal Wash: Which is Better?

The cornerstone to picking between washing vs dry cleaning lies in knowing the differences. We will take you through three main differences between dry cleaning and washing to help you make informed decisions.

Stain Removal

For common stains such as food spills and dirt, machine washing is the better option for two reasons: water and agitation in the machine. For tough stains like lipstick and ink, you will prefer dry cleaning to washing. This is simply because this method can use chemical solvents without water.

Solvents Used

Primarily, dry cleaning uses chemical solvents such as perchloroethylene, which is effective for removing oil and grease stains without shrinking or fading your garment. The washing method, on the other hand, utilizes water and detergents for cleaning. However, water is not really efficient in removing oil stains.

The Drying Method

To prevent clothes from shrinking, the process called “tumbling” is used in dry cleaning. This method rotates clothes, allowing for the evaporation of solvents. As for water-based machine washing, this method uses spinning at high speeds to extract water. Different garments will require different levels of heat during heat drying or air drying.

Is Dry Cleaning Better Than Washing? The Wrap Up

So, is dry cleaning better than washing? It depends on what you find convenient. Dry cleaning is famous for the removal of tough stains and its gentleness on delicate garments. The efficacy of machine washing lies in its convenience, cost-effectiveness, and general safety, even though it is not very efficient in the removal of tough stains. Check the tags of your garment for the manufacturer’s recommendations for the best results.

Effortless Laundry Care

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